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Product security features

Product security features
Role Based Access Controls
Access to data within Socialboards applications is governed by row level security (RLS), and can be configured to define granular access privileges. Socialboards has various permission levels for users (owner, admin, agent, end-user, etc.).
IP Restrictions
Socialboards Inbox configured to only allow access from specific IP address ranges you define. These restrictions can be applied to all users or only to your agents.
Transmission Security
All communications with Socialboards UI’s and API’s are encrypted using industry standard HTTPS/TLS over public networks. This ensures that all traffic between you and Socialboards is secure during transit.
Email Signing
To send emails from your own domain, Socialboards offer authentication by Identified Mail to sign outbound emails from Socialboards.
Redacting Sensitive Data
Socialboards Inbox provides the ability to redact, or remove sensitive data in tickets and custom fields. This can be done automatically or by actions performed by admins and agents. The data is redacted from tickets to prevent sensitive information from being stored in Socialboards.
Spam Filter
Socialboards Inbox offers a spam filtering service which prevents end-user spam posts from being imported as support tickets.