• our .no domain is now deprecated and will not be supported


Public APIs. We are launching a new Ticket API endpoints:


Public APIs. We are launching a new authorization process which lets you:

  • Work safer with the API by using a pair of tokens (refresh and access token)

  • You can create several credentials for different teams.

  • You can revoke access if needed.

You can read more in this article about Authorization.

We'll continue to support authorization v1.0 for 12 months, until March 1st 2021.


We’re excited to share that we’ve now launched a major update to our API - giving you more powerful, contextual, and intuitive access to your data:

  • New api object models. New models are simpler than old ones and easier to understand, but still contains all necessary information.

  • New methods to reflect the context of your data. Methods were simplified to improve developing experience.

  • "Forms" logic was removed from public api.

1.0 (original)

We'll continue to support v 1.0 for 12 months, until February 1st 2021.

This is the base version of the API that existed before versioning was introduced. This version is documented on

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