Conversations Overview

In the Socialboards system, a conversation acts like a chat ticket. You can use it to start a chat between a client and an agent and manage it as you like.

It includes creating a conversation, adding simple text messages and importing previous messages from other platforms, managing conversation status and etc.

Available operations with conversations:

Example Use Cases

Create conversation between client and Socialboards agent

Use the 'create conversation' endpoint to initiate a new conversation between the client and a Socialboards agent.

Send new messages from the client by using the 'add messages to conversation' endpoint.

In process conversation, obtain queue information regarding the conversation's progress and the queue length.

Additionally, you can manage the conversation by updating conversation feedback from the customer and closing the conversation.

Create conversation for next line of support

Use 'add messages to conversation' endpoint to create messages with different creation time. This can be useful to provide some additional context from previous or different chats and you want to use Socialboards as the next level of technical support.

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