Webhooks allows you to receive real-time HTTP notifications of changes to specific objects in Socialboards. For example, we could send you a notification when new ticket comes into the system or whenever they reply came to the existing ticket. This prevents you from having to query the API for changes that may or may not have happened.

Make sure you have the appropriate legal basis to collect and process client data before using webhooks.

Objects and Events

There are many types of objects in the Socialboards, such as Ticket objects and Reply objects, so whenever you configure a Webhook you must first choose an object type. Different objects support different events, so make sure you subscribe to events for that object type. Whenever such an event happens, we'll send you a notification.

Notifications are sent to you as HTTP POST requests and contain a JSON payload for that event. For example, let's say you set up a “Ticket” Webhook and subscribed to “Status changed” event. If the ticket’s status is changed from “pending” to “open”, we'll send you a notification that would look like this:

	"CommunityName": "yourCompany",
	"EventType": "ticket_status_change",
	"TicketId": 4478963
	"Events": [
			"InboxLink": "https://inbox.socialboards.com/yourCompany/tickets?ticketId=4478963",
			"PreviousTicketStatus": "open",
			"Ticket": {
				"Author": {
					"Id": "35692164-bfaa-4c49-a23c-ecfa618f7d20",
					"Name": "Robert Baker",
					"Image": null,
					"Email": "robert78baker@gmail.com",
					"Status": "client",
					"IsBot": false
				"Category": {
					"Id": 15721,
					"Name": "Other cases",
					"Parents": []
				"CreationTime": "2019-12-17T08:03:48.318717+01:00",
				"DetailedSource": "web_website",
				"Id": 4478963,
				"LastThreadElementCreationTime": "2019-12-17T08:10:03.8181291+01:00",
				"LockedBy": null,
				"Message": "I want to take my cat to a vet",
				"OriginalLink": null,
				"Properties": {
					"IsAnonymized": false,
					"IsMuted": false,
					"HasAttachments": false,
					"HasDraft": false,
					"IsAssignedToBot": false,
					"IsDeleted": false,
					"IsExpired": false,
					"IsHidden": false,
					"IsLocked": false,
					"IsSpam": false,
					"IsSensitive": false
				"ReplyCount": 1,
				"Sentiment": "question",
				"Source": "web",
				"SourceName": null,
				"Status": "pending",
				"Title": "Cat is ill",
				"HtmlMessage": "I want to take my cat to a vet"
			"TicketId": 4478963

HTTPS Servers

Webhooks are sent using HTTPS, so your server must be able to receive and process HTTPS requests, and it must have a valid TLS/SSL certificate installed. Self-signed certificates are not supported.


To use Webhooks, you will need to set up an endpoint on a secure (HTTPS) server, then add and configure the Webhooks product in your inbox settings. The rest of these documents explain how to complete both of these steps.

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