Testing your webhooks

Easy testing of webhooks using webhook.site


With Webhook.site, you can easily test HTTP webhooks and other types of HTTP requests.

Upon visiting the app, you get a random URL to send your requests and webhooks to, and they’re all logged in the app – instantly. Check it out at https://webhook.site.

Please note that you ONLY use this external service (webhook.site) for testing purposes, to keep your customers' data secure and GDPR compliant.

Step 1 - creating a service

Simply navigate your browser to https://webhook.site to create the receiving web service.

A URL you can use for your webhook will be generated automatically, and displayed as shown in the screenshot below. The service is listening for your Socialboards webhook posts, waiting for its first request.

Step 2 - Activate webhooks in your Socialboard

Navigate to Configuration > Company > General settings > Webhooks, and activate the webhook(s) you want to test. In this example we'll use the "New ticket" webhook.

In the modal window, enter the URL you copied in step 1, along with a callback random variable.

Step 3 - test the webhook by submitting a new ticket

Send a new ticket to any channel connected to your Socialboard. Within a second or two, your webhook.site service presents the JSON it received from your ticket.

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