Addendum 2023-4

Addendum 2023-04 to Data Processing Agreement

This addendum outlines the changes to our Data Processing Agreement (DPA) in light of our recent decision to engage a new hosting partner, Intility AS, and move all client data to their Azure subscription.

New Hosting Partner: Intility AS

We have decided to engage Intility AS as our hosting partner and move all client data to their Azure subscription. Intility AS is a secure and reliable hosting partner, providing improved security, better backup and recovery, and enhanced disaster recovery testing and processes.

Data Storage Location Change

As a result of this change, client data will now be physically located in Norway, instead of the Netherlands, with the exception of meta-data used for reporting services.

Updated List of Sub-processors

The list of sub-processors in the DPA has been updated to include Intility AS. For an always up-to-date list of sub-processors, please visit:

Data Processing Activities

For further information regarding our data processing activities, please visit:


This addendum amends the original Data Processing Agreement between Socialboards AS and our clients. All terms and conditions of the DPA shall remain in full force and effect, except as expressly amended herein. This addendum shall be deemed incorporated into the DPA, and any reference to the DPA shall be deemed to include this addendum.

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