Javascript changelog

This represents a log of all changes to the Javascript and the versions that are related to each new addition.

2.1.3 (Nov 19. 2020)

You can now pop the widget with any module as a start page. As an example, this let's you initialize a chat directly from the launcher without passing through the homepage first.

2.1.2 (Jul 10. 2020)

Added support for more languages, with a separate configuration option.

2.1.1 (Feb 28. 2020)

We added the ability to control the session lifetime from the javascript. The script counts the time in milliseconds from the last message in a thread (from the enduser or the support agent). We also added a few options to control the layout of the queue element, shown to the enduser.

  • Using the Chat sub-object in the javascript

    • Add "idleTimeoutMs" to control the session lifetime

    • Use queueMessageBackgroundColor to control the background color of the queue element

    • Use queueMessageFontSizeRem to set the text size of the same element

2.1 (Feb 15. 2020)

We now support multiple Support Widgets in the same inbox - each with its own behaviour, chat opening hours, design etc.

  • Configure new Widget Instances in your inbox

  • Use the "widgetId" to select which Widget to use.

2.0 (Jan 01. 2020)

We’re excited to share that we’ve now launched a major update to our Chat module - combining chat, webforms and faq in one user friendly support widget.

1.0 (original)

We'll continue to support v 1.0 for 12 months, until March 1st 2021.

The base version of the chat javascript that existed before versioning was introduced. This version is documented on

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